Module Identification 


When your 12 volt compressor stops running which would you rather do spend $400 on a service technician who may or may not be able to find and fix problem, spend $1000 to $2000 replacing refrigeration or follow simple DIY instructions to solve the problem.


Fixed speed Danfoss compressors life expediency is unknown because there are units 30 plus years old still running. The weakest link in any standard Danfoss BD air cooled system is the electronic control module. In 1996 Danfoss stopped manufacturing Modules for their fixed speed compressors BD 2, BD2.5 and BD3 but there are replacement modules still available. Through the years there have been several changes in these four pin fixed speed module but each one is still in use and any four pin module can be replaced with any four pin you find available. To help you find and identify your Danfoss module Click arrows below to scan through original 4 pin modules.


The older four pin Danfoss modules pictured below are not repairable and are no longer manufactured, but replacement non Danfoss modules are available. If a Danfoss BD compressor will not run then this is caused by an electrical problem so before replacing the module a simple four step troubleshooting test should be accomplished. If you email me with the type and brand of unit you have I will send troubleshooting instructions for that unit. I can also test your module. Forty percent of the time failure of the compressor to run is not caused by the compressor or the module.



Four Pin Danfoss 12 volt Module Model number 102N3114 Used only on BD2 compressors.


Fixed compressor speed 2500 rpm.

 Years in use 1980 and still in use.

 Troubleshooting LED    No

Fuse 10 amp glass screws in type